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Can methanol power up a carbon-free future?

Methanol, USC scientists, carbon free, global warming, climate change

Scientists have constantly worked towards slowing down climate change that will otherwise fasten global warming. They have concluded that generating and storing hydrogen is imperative. Methanol, the simplest alcohol known to mankind can capture hydrogen in its carbon-free form and could very well be the solution to a carbon-free future. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the burning of methanol tends to emit limited greenhouse gases in the form of nitrogen oxide. Based on the last major paper co-authored by the late George Olah, USC’s first Nobel laureate, scientists aim to devise a new method using methanol to create reversible hydrogen storage, with zero carbon emissions.

Developing a methanol-based economy could help mitigate dangerous climate change. The research demonstrates a carbon-neutral method. According to USC News, the research team at USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences has found a way to extract and store hydrogen from methanol. The process is said to be carried on without any side-by-side production of negative emissions like carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide.

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